D A R K O   D E L A L L E

"... In time I have learned that the first sketch is at the same time the best one. Everything that comes to mind during the first day of work must be sketched or written down. What appears later is the reflex of our doubts and fears and has to be discarded without hesitation ..."
Command of endless
Oil on canvas, 12 plates, 45x60cm and 45x90cm, 1998.
Private art collection, USA

Slaughtering of Dukes in 1804
Oil on canvas, 600 x 300cm, 1990.
Bank of Valjevo, Valjevo, Serbia

The miraculous hand of St. John of Trogir
Oil on canvas, 90 x 30cm, 2011.
Private art collection, Croatia

Curator’s remarks

I have chosen three commissioned works in order to stress his ability to solve compositions on paintings:

The first one is a series of paintings produced for furniture doors, separated with frames, in the other one he faces historic subject and extremely large format set below arc ceiling of a meeting hall, while in the third one he solved presentation, on a small size canvas, of a religious theme and historical event from 12th century...

Achieved balance in his paintings with many diverse elements is always flawless - artist combines persons, events and symbols belonging to different eras, creating truthful whole at the same time avoiding banal narration, showing his sophistication and ability to seize into beholder’s psyche and foresee his / her reactions as well.

In painting "Slaughtering of Dukes in 1804" time appears as separate dimension along the main theme (execution of two popular leaders in war for independence from Otoman Empire), through figures and events belonging to previous period of almost five centuries.

About theme and symbols on the third painting, showing the miracle attributed to St. John of Trogir, you can read more here.