D A R K O   D E L A L L E

"... Universe is composed of eternal and endless energy flows. Our reality is just one of possible combinations. While working, I simply connect to another combination and my mind interprets it through humanly familiar elements. That’s the way my paintings appear... "
The burden of self-importance

Oil on canvas, 90 x 130 cm, 1997. Private art collection, USA

Curator’s remarks

These words are key for understanding everything he does. Surrealist of the first half of XX century had similar approach to process of creation through "dictate of unconscious" based on psychoanalysis theory.

I believe that contacts with new cultures and shaman practices that he had while living in Venezuela supplied him the missing parts of the puzzle. Vision of the antique Toltec world in Mezoamerica and their interpretation of the purpose for our existence coincided completely with everything he painted from the very beginning.

The artist defines shaman practices that lead to "establishing contact with the Spirit" as "connecting to the Internet of the Universe".

In artist’s words, it is "continuing interrupted process of evolution"..

Relying on my own knowledge of the artist’s point of view, I can offer you my vision of the symbols on this painting:

As a species we are predators and central figure’s look reveals his eternal quest for prey, whether food, money or power.

Social system is a tremendous burden that compels him to remain calm and submissive thus avoiding the possibility for monolith of laws, traditions and habits to lose balance and fall.

Stormy waters of unknown world try to penetrate his strictly controlled reality. His reason builds barriers to protect him from the impact that could jeopardize his only allowed reality.

Strong hand keeps control over another being living inside him – the only one having the knowledge and capability to set him free and pull him out from insolvable and static situation. That is the reason why shamans believe that we transformed into our own jailors.

Instead of making effort and buck off the restraining burden, he will choose the role of being full of self pity that whines because of injustice inflicted and his own inevitable destiny.

When reaching the end of his life, and death opens it’s snout to devour his consciousness, everything that restrained him will disappear only for a brief moment. At the sasme time he will get to know that we are eternal travellers, halted only temporarily in this reality we call life.