D A R K O   D E L A L L E

"... Up to the age of 14 or 15 I did not show any interest in color.
I liked to draw using pencil, markers and crayons. As if I knew that I was not ready and that first I had do learn all I could about space, form and light..."

Drawings - Pencil, crayon, marker, 100 x 70 cm

"... In October 1975, without any special reason, I began working in oils. All I knew till then was that they were to be mixed with turpentine and linen oil.

Likewise, once I had heard that the old masters used to underpaint their canvases with red. As did not like this color, I tried ocher as a base and very transparent layers of other colors..."

Oil on canvas - 110 x 85 cm, 1978.

"... In the following two years I developed a technique which, with small variations, I still use today. This is a technique adapted to me and my character.
It allows me to form the painting in several phases, to coordinate each one of its portions, and, most important, it allows me to sustain the light given to me by the white base of the canvas..."

Triptych, Oil on canvas, 250 x 95 cm, 1974.

The dreamer, Oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm, 1980. Private art collection, USA

Pirat, Oil on canvas, 140 x 140 cm, 1982. Private art collection, Netherlands

The rage, Oil on canvas, 2 x 90 x 130 cm, 1997. Private art collection, USA

Curator’s remarks

His talent for sketching and his ability to understand and present space have developed during early youth. When he started painting in oil, these abilities formed a solid base for him to continue building his artist skills.

On his first oil paintings he utilized simple compositions while using limited scope of colors.

He introduced more and more details to every following painting composing more elaborate spaces, which forced him to use broader colors palette and seek solutions and contrasts different from already used.

Accuracy in painting, up to smallest details in backround – figures and landscape – leads us to conclude that we observe work of great connoisseur of shape and space, abilities which he, no doubt, developed during period when he dealt only with drawings.

Until arrival to Venezuela, his colors reflected influence by great Dutch and Flamish classics. Then, as he says "... for me opened a whole new world of ardent colors, washed in tropical light..."

Studying the way that leads young artist to what we call "mature phase" is, for us, art critics, of utmost importance. For this phase in development, large oscillations in quality of work and search for own identity, are common.

In this case, the identity existed from the very beginning, development was straightforward, so in only a couple of years and only 6 oil paintings, he was shaped as artist with familiar style and painting technique he developed himself.

One more feature in his development draw my attention:

Interruptions in his work, some of even few years, when he was occupied with architecture only, had quite the opposite effect from the expected – his works showed after every such break inexplicable progress!

Therefore, I am convinced that his talent possesses extraordinary strength and he will keep surprising us with ever better and unexpected works as long as he works.