D A R K O   D E L A L L E

Waiting for the sign

Digital original, 35 x 42cm (2776 x 1876 px), 2000.
Corel Painter, Wacom tablet, Apple G3
Digital art

"... This is the true revolution. The first true revolution from the time of oil colors. Ideas for programs and equipment I had when first PCs emerged, describes equipment that I use today! All my visions have not came true, but I am convinced they will..."

Curator’s remarks

The wish to be perfect in everything he does is his blessing and a curse.

Exquisit details on his oils were erased many times because they did not fit perfectly to the composition, something that nobody execpt him would notice. Beyond each of his paintings is the effort sufficient enough for at least three good paintings.
Constant alterations and improvements while he works is something that, many years ago, one art critic noticed: "You paint every painting as if it is the last for you!"

Digital technology gave him the opportunity to preserve and use afterwards everything that would be irreversibly lost in process of creation because of the very nature of painting in oil. From this emerged the idea for, as he called it, supplemented or separately developed copy:
"... At any moment I can return to a certain phase and continue the path other then previous. I can make different painting and fullfill my own curiosity... ".

The ability to save all the phases in work development, even to redo every single stroke, personnaly fascinated me the most – I was able to see the whole creation process from the beginning until the end!

I admit that I had huge reserve and doubts concerning quality of future works when he started experimentnig with this technology. But, with astonishing persistence and a few months of work, he succeded achieving the same level found on other paintings and sketches in traditional techniques, thus convincing me that this technology will have significant role in art development in the future.

To illustrate all this, I have chosen several phases in development and versions of this painting: