D A R K O   D E L A L L E

Curator’s remarks

According to shamans of ancient Mexico, the final goal of life is to achieve the state of conscience called "the total freedom".

In contrast stands the obsession with our personality, history and habits. "Curriculum vitae" is the inventory of the things that make us "slaves of our personality".
This was the author's reason to omit the classic chronological overview.
He gave only a brief comment:

"... To draw on paper or on the wall was completely natural when I began at age 2 or 3.
Nobody trained me systematically. Even when there were attempts at this from my father, this caused great repulsion on my side, so my father would quit.

All that I have ever learned about painting came on its own, without any hard work. It was as if I were born already having all the knowledge and skill, and it was only a matter of time when I would remember it all.

When I was 13, I won a UNICEF international painting award. This was the first time I realized that what I was doing was not just a game, but something that could have an effect on people, by means of mechanisms unknown to me. I became a conscious of the "miracle of art".

My parents neither turned me away or pushed me into art. They thought it was necessary for me to obtain some "useful" degree, and not study at an art academy. I listened to my parents recommendations and started studying architecture in 1979.

The war in former Yugoslavia. The time to leave had come.
At that time, I was completing a project for a hotel complex in Venezuela. I arrived in Caracas in May of 1992 to sign contracts for further development of the project and its construction. The circumstances were such that I stayed. It could have been any other country.
Since then, my homeland is where I live..."


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