D A R K O   D E L A L L E
Author's word

"......I feel that behind this reality, which I see every morning when I awaken, there are others, equally valious and important realities alongside which we live and which we do not perceive.
Our rational mind jealously hides them, making us blind to the beauties and horrors with which we are surrounded.
My paintings are short and quick glances into these worlds. As a look over the shoulder, when one crosses the street...."

False prophets
Oil on canvas, 170 x 110 cm. Private art collection, USA

Curator's remarks

I have chosen artist’s words to lead you into the magical world I had opportunity to explore during his ten year stay in Venezuela.
One of his paintings is besides my working table and, after many years, I still notice new details or reveal another new story, mystery or symbol that I wasn’t aware of previously.
Splendor! Thousands of details, meticulously elaborated and interconnected, are the most obvious during first encounter with his work.

"... Saturate the mind of beholder, confuse his sense for space and reality with intention to cease his inner dialogue and open it up toward the unknown world..."

That is the goal of each and every of his works: if we put aside our knowledge about art, our intellect, if we pause for a moment to analyze and compare, and relinquish ourselves, we can capture it’s essence – they are "acts of magic spell" showing us our destiny as living beings and inviting us to explore our hidden potentials.
  Gallery curator
Jose Vincente Vivas