M A T H E O   D E L A L L E

Born in tropical, beautiful state of Venezuela, Caracas, on August 28th, 1998. For the past sixteen years, i have been living in Serbia, Belgrade.

Here, I educated in School for Design, high-school specialized in art and design.
In the same time, I went on learning more about animation and various computer programs like Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Now, I study at Belgrade Metropolitan University, where i learn more about animation, graphic designs and web design.
From oil and soft pastel, I also paint in Corel Painter 2018.
In free time, eaither I paint or play tennis. Interested in many other things, like architecture and acting, love animals, especially cats.


Animation for the competition
You can also see my works on:

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